How to delete your Surebet247 account

A lot of players of the bookmaker's office "Surebet247" are wondering whether it is possible to delete their game account. The question is relevant because in the settings of the personal office of the user of the BC there is not a single hint at the function of deletion.

To find out how to delete a Surebet247 account, carefully study the instructions below. The information will help people suffering from addiction to cheating, as well as those who want to leave the office, maximizing the safety of their data.

How to delete your account

In the Surebet247 bookmaker's office, the option to delete the account directly is not provided, as well as the option to erase the history of transactions and betting. However, it is possible to wait until it is automatically blocked when the player is inactive. It is necessary simply not to enter the personal account for more than three months.

Surebet247 delete account

Bear in mind that your betting history and all the data will always remain with the bookmaker in an electronic database, just no one will have access to it except the administration of the BK.

You can prohibit access to your profile for yourself and others by following these steps.

Changing the password. To change your password for the inability to enter:

  • go to the "Personal data" item of the player's personal account;
  • Click on the pencil icon next to "Your password";
  • enter your old password in the first field;
  • create a text file and enter there a random combination of letters and numbers;
  • copy the combination into the last two fields, and click save;
  • pass the robot protection by choosing the necessary pictures;
  • exit the current session;
  • delete the previously created text file.


Deleting Surebet247

It will now be impossible to access the player's profile. Interference with password recovery

To prevent the code from being recovered in the future:

  • Delete the email linked to the account;
  • destroy the SIM card, on which the profile is registered;
  • wipe your account number (nine digits) from your PC, phone or throw it away.
  • Now attackers won't get to the account, and you'll have a hard time getting it back.

How to restore your account

If you've abandoned sports betting and haven't logged in for 90 days, your account will have to be restored by contacting one of the betting site's consultants. This can be done by calling the hotline number, sending an email, or contacting a specialist via online text chat.

You will be asked to send a letter to the bookmaker's security e-mail. In the letter, you will need to specify the data from your account and attach photos or passport scans.

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